Germs from Shoes Inside and Out

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When a person walks outside in a city, in the suburbs, on grass, on a paved sidewalk, on the streets, or a dirt road, shoes pick up a multitude of unwanted hangers-on. These could be:

Indoor spaces such as the floors of restrooms are frequently contaminated with urine and hospitals or doctors' offices are fertile hotspots for a variety of germs that may end up on shoes.

These unsanitary residues from humans, animals, and garbage most likely contain viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, and other pathogens that can cause staph infection, hepatitis, herpes, E. coli, tetanus, rabies, strep, hantavirus, cold and flu. And, these germs are brought in to the shoes to grow and multiply and spread from one person to many individuals who come in contact through floor of the airport security checkpoint.


Germs inside our shoes to the Floor of Airport Security Checkpoint

Once you take off your shoes at the airport security checkpoint, the contaminated floor becomes a conduit for disease, spreading these germs to everyone that comes in contact with them. When people walk on the floor without shoes, the germs will spread to socks and feet and these germs will start to multiply when you put your shoes back on.

All of us sweat from the almost quarter of a million sweat glands in each foot. Our feet perspire about a pint of water per day to try to stay cool. However, the sweat cannot evaporate when our feet are smothered inside shoes. What happens to that pint of sweat each foot perspires every day inside your shoes? It becomes a swamp! It breeds all sorts of harmful bacteria, fungi, and any microorganism present that wants to blossom! These germs can cause infection. These germs that thrive and multiply in this damp and warm environment produce chemical metabolites that give off foul, sour, sweaty, stinky, odors.

This cycle will continue unless the germs on the floor are taken care of. Therefore, preventing microbial build-up on the floor and subsequently inside the shoes will be the most sensible action one can take from spreading harmful germs.

We all know why we dread taking off shoes at the security checkpoint of an airport.

"We do not want to step on a place someone else just stepped on because we do not want to get that person's germs on us and be contaminated."

If any of the opportunistic pathogens happen to find the right environment inside the shoes of a person, now it can become a breeding ground for a disease and infection; therefore, keeping the floor clean of potentially harmful germs is of vital importance for evading the contracting and spreading of disease.

*JohDar's Germicidal Floor Unit for Airport will eradicate not only the germs the persons in front of you left on the floor but also those that are on your feet from inside of your shoes while you are standing on line to go through the metal detector.

Please voice your opinions and desires to have these units installed in all airports that you are traveling from for your own safety.

You can do this by downloading a letter we provided for you. Please sign and mail/e-mail it to us. We will make sure the right person(s) in the government get them to implement our needs.

Thank you.