What do we risk when we remove our
shoes at the airport security checkpoint?

Airport Security Checkpoint 1 (Click to enlarge)
Airport Security Checkpoint 2 (Click to enlarge)

Do you like taking your shoes off at the airport security checkpoint every time you travel?

Do you like to step on someone's wet footprint when you take off your shoes at the airport security checkpoint?

Do you find yourself sidestepping or tiptoeing around these spots as much as possible?


We all know why we dread taking off our shoes at the security checkpoint.

"We do not want to step on a place someone else just stepped on because we do not want to get someone else's germs on us and be contaminated."

We all know one of the dirtiest parts of our body is the foot that just came out of shoes, smelly shoes.

Why? Because our shoes harbor all kinds of germs.

Our feet perspire about a pint of sweat inside our shoes everyday to stay cool.

What happens to that pint of sweat from each foot everyday, inside of your shoes?

The inside of your shoes becomes a swamp.

And it breeds all sorts of harmful bacteria, fungi, and anything that wants to blossom.

These germs could cause infection.

These germs that thrive and multiply in this warm swampy environment produce chemical metabolites that give off a foul, stinky odor.

If any of the opportunistic pathogens happen to find the right environment inside the shoes of a person, now it becomes a breeding ground for disease and infection.

What if that person in front of you happens to carry a contagious germ, athletes' foot or MRSA, and you happen to have a little nick on your foot?

What if you have diabetes or other health problems and you signed up for a sports facility to get healthy?

You already know these conditions will put you at a higher health risk of easily getting infections and sickness unless you take extra measures of precaution.

JohDar Provides you Solutions to These Problems.

JohDar's Germicidal Floor Unit for Airport will eradicate not only the germs the people in front of you left on the floor but also those that are on your feet from inside of your shoes while you are standing in line to go through the metal detector.