Company Profile : About Us

Our mission is to:

  • Provide Innovative Health-oriented Products.
  • Focus on designing and developing products to protect the public from natural and/or manmade biological agents.
  • Meet or exceed the needs and expectations of general public's safety and health.
  • Provide superior quality futuristic products.

The biological agents JOHDAR is trying to protect the public from include health-undermining harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, and their spores.

Our Technology will compromise and eradicate these microorganisms from causing harm to individuals.

In addition, our technology will decontaminate and sterilize the contaminated individuals, areas, equipment, surrounding and the environment.

A Brief History of the Company

In the spring of 2007, JOHDAR Corporation was created by two distinct individuals (Mr. John Paoli and Dr. Darrick S. Kim) with a vision to create products that will protect the public from natural and/or man-made disease-causing biological agents.

JOHDAR Corporation is a privately held company who expects to see its products in every household as one of the major well-being focused, innovative, futuristic aspect of daily life.

Since the inception of the company, seven patents have been filed and several prototype products were built to suit the purpose of the company. There are several products under manufacture.

JOHDAR today produces high quality futuristically designed products by subsidizing the manufacturing aspect to other manufacturers.

Our Focus is on You and the Well-Being of the General Public

JOHDAR is planning to build its reputation on the fundamental principle of Total Customer Satisfaction and Public Safety, by providing our customers with the highest Quality, creative Design, and exceptional Service.